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Design is telling a story. Whether you need a new website, a new identity, or an advertising campaign, you are trying to send a message to your viewers. As a designer, it’s my job to figure out what your story is, and the best way to tell it.


logo design
brand collateral
art direction
brand guidelines
customer journeys
brand voice


editorial design
promotional materials
business cards
advertising campaigns
brochures & programs


responsive web design
digital campaigns
email campaigns


I’ve been designing and art directing brand identities, responsive websites, digital campaigns, print campaigns, and publications for over a decade. It’s kind of my jam. I’ve developed my creative process by putting myself into the shoes of my audiences. My love for modular grids, typefaces, color palettes, and textures helps me to build visual stories that consumers can truly relate to. Creating harmony out of chaos can be a frustrating process, but that’s where I stay most inspired. I began my career in publication design and print, and five years ago I moved into the advertising world. Since then, I’ve worked as a senior designer, art director, and currently as a senior designer for Hill Holliday. Aside from just design, my roles have always required me many other hats including pitch management, C-Suite support, environmental design, website maintenance and design, premium presentation design, case study design and management, and internal marketing and brand development. I’m highly organized and thrive in fast paced and collaborative environments. Other than being obsessively committed to my career, I’m also really obsessed with my dog, Shelby.