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Only 1 in 5 Americans who suffered from severe allergies were treating their symptoms with immunotherapy. Unfortunately, immunotherapy solutions focused on desensitizing immune systems to the actual underlying cause of allergy symptoms, house dust mites. For a long time, these patients were convinced that one of the only immunotherapy solutions for them was to get regular shots to help fight their battle. Not only are shots painful, but they could also take up to 12 months for patients to see improvements, and the weekly allergist visits were a hassle.

Odactra was a new-to-market treatment for allergy sufferers. Not only was taking Odactra more convenient for allergy sufferers, but results could be seen in as early as eight weeks and there was no need anymore for those pesky shots. With one tablet, once-a-day, that dissolves under your tongue, allergy relief had never been easier. Our goal was to create an activation campaign that would generate patient interest and demand for Odactra. The campaign included a website reskin, programmatic banner ads, brochures, and in-office materials.

art direction // niko coutroulis & kayla speed
graphic design // kayla speed
copy // david parise


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